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25 years as a Principal at Carmel Middle and Carmel High and 9 years on the CUSD Board of Education….I know a winner when I see one. Bobby is a must for the City of Carmel!

Karl Pallastrini, President / CUSD School Board

Bobby votes for the long-term vision of our Village. I appreciate his sincerity.

Mary Condry

I have known Bobby for decades. During my many visits to Carmel, he has made a point in helping me/my family patronize the businesses and learn more about connecting to the community. Additionally, he understands the issues/challenges it takes to manage a city in California during this tumultuous time in our history by being fair and listening. Carmel is a charming, but progressive city and Bobby has the skill set to keep it that way. Vote Bobby in 2020 šŸ™‚

Brenda Solomon

Bobby is a level headed, hard working and sincere member of Council. His decisions are based on what is best in the long term for Carmel and its residents. He has been a thoughtful and consistent voice on behalf of us all.

Kathy Bang

I wish I was in the city limit so I could vote for you, Bobby. You have my vote a thousand times over and Iā€™ll sing your praises to any Carmel voters. You serve with dignity, integrity, compassion, and a true desire to find ways to strengthen the city. I valued our time together on the Cultural Commission and I always valued your insight and discussions. I sincerely hope you are re-elected. The city needs more people like you.

Stacy Meheen

I support Bobby Richards for Carmel City Council.

For Bobby … with love,

Doris Day

Bobby has been very helpful and supportive with the reinstating of the annual Carmel surfabout surf contest. Bobby cares a lot about the Carmel community and its constituents. That is abundantly clear. As a 4th generation Carmelite, heā€™s exactly the kind of person Iā€™d want representing our city. I fully endorse Bobby for City Council.

Andrew Call

Bobby is genuine and always has the best interest of Carmel in mind when he takes a position. It is so rewarding to know that we have a representative on the Carmel City Council with the integrity and honesty of Bobby Richards.

Michael Jones

Hi Bobby,

On behalf of the Local Candidate Recommendation Committee (LCRC) and the Monterey County Association of REALTORSĀ® we want to thank you for participating in our candidate interview and for your thoughtful responses to our questionnaire.

We are pleased to report to you that the Monterey County Association of REALTORSĀ® will publicly support you and will also be recommending to the California Real Estate Political Action Committee (CREPAC) that a contribution of $250 be sent for your campaign. We will notify you when the check arrives.

Those present at the panel were impressed with your knowledge of the issues and appreciate your willingness to take on the responsibilities involved. As an industry we are most interested in supporting candidates who share our concerns for private property rights, water supply, housing availability, housing affordability, fiscal responsibility and home ownership.

Congratulations and best wishes for your campaign success.


Scott Dick, Ed.D.
Government Affairs Director
Monterey County Association of REALTORSĀ®
201-A Calle Del Oaks | Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940
(831) 393-8677 DIRECT
(831) 238-0532 ALTERNATE

I have known Bobby for many years and have found him to be a man of good cheer, good conscience and excellent judgement.

Hugh Wilson

I’ve known Bobby for about 40 years. He has always been a caring and loving friend. I was lucky enough to visit Bobby about 8 years ago in his beloved Carmel. The love for his hometown is infectious. My husband and I have been back every year since that visit. He is a hard worker, caring and open minded person. He is always willing to listen. He is passionate and devoted to Carmel by the sea. You couldn’t have a better person on our city council. Vote for Bobby.

Maria Knott

I’ve known Bobby for about 40 years. He has always been a caring and loving friend. I was lucky enough to visit Bobby about 8 years ago in his beloved Carmel. The love for his hometown is infectious. My husband and I have been back every year since that visit. He is a hard worker, caring and open minded person. He is always willing to listen. He is passionate and devoted to Carmel by the sea. You couldn’t have a better person on our city council. Vote for Bobby.

Maria Knott

Monterey Bay Business Committee - Candidates
City of Simi Valley

Not a Carmel resident but business owner 35 yrs @ Le Bijou Jewelry. Bobby gets it! We need leaders like him. I’d vote for him for President. Please endorse him. šŸ˜ŽšŸ¤Ÿ

Jason & Marijane Johnson

I have known Bobby Richards 40 plus years!! He has always impressed me from even his younger years! Driven, determined and always coming out a winner, no matter what the endeavor was. His love and passion he has for his hometown of Carmel is unsurpassed. Carmel by the Sea is lucky to have Bobby Richards and I hope you all vote for him! I am a very proud friend and know Bobby will continue to make a difference for the residents of Carmel by the Sea! I endorse Bobby Richards!

Patty Martin

My partner and I were fortunate enough to meet Bobby during a brief stay in the US in 2019. Though our time together was relatively short, it was clear to both of us that Bobby was one of the most genuine, welcoming and passionate people weā€™d ever met – weā€™ll definitely be back to meet with Bobby again!

Lauren Connell

It is a great honor to endorse Bobby Richards for Carmel City Council.

Based on personal experience, Bobby brings a combination of great business acumen and a person who demonstrates a true sense of urgency to get things done for our City.

Too many times my wife and I have been left high and dry waiting for timely and necessary answers to our questions from other City personnel. After receiving no replies for weeks and even months on end, Bobby is one of the people who helped us maneuver through the political maze to get the answers we needed in a timely fashion.

Bobby is one of the few people who has tremendous empathy and understanding towards the people he serves. He takes an interest and actively tries to help. We truly appreciate his efforts.

As I have personally experienced in the business world, there are three types of people:
1. People who make things happen
2. People who watch things happen, and
3. People who say ā€œwhat happenedā€.

Vote for Bobby and watch him ā€œmake things happenā€ for Carmel.

Thank you,
Frank & Renate Perry

Bobby has always been a friend to the arts and the environment. Bobby is honest and reliable. We need him more than ever.

Stephen Moorer

I have watched Bobby Richards grow with Carmel for 15 plus years. Heā€™s been involved in every part of our amazing big hearted community. Events, hospitality and humanities has been his strong success and comes natural. Iā€™m so happy to endorse Bobby Richards for City Council.

Tonya Montgomery

I wholeheartedly endorse Bobby for his reelection. He has been an excellent council member and is also an all around good guy, the kind of leader that we need to retain.

Jonathan Sapp

I have known Bobby for over 40 years. He is one of the most decent, compassionate and caring person I know. He has been and will continue to be an asset to the council of Carmel. I donā€™t think you will find a more loyal and dedicated individual for this position. I am grateful to know him and call him my friend.

Tony Prutch

Those that know Bobby Richards, know that he has always taken great pride in his community of Carmel. Hardworking, thoughtful, open to have a meaningful conversation and his cheerful optimistic nature are just a handful of traits that make him a cut above the rest. Vote for Bobby!

Lupe Mitchell

I’ve known Bobby Richards since the 7th grade. We’ve remained friends for over 40 years. Bobby’s love of Carmel overflows with passion and enthusiasm for his community which is absolutely infectious. About 8 years ago I was privileged to experience Bobby’s view of Carmel. I now take vacations there a couple of times a year enjoying all the wonder that is Carmel by the Sea.

Leslie Johnson

Bobby would do a great job. I know how much he loves Caramel. You got my vote, Bobby.

Mary Davison

I endorse Bobby because heā€™s a a DOLL!!! ā¤ā¤.

Rose Russo

I have known Bobby since 7th grade. I hated wrestling against him because he was stronger, but he always was a very good sport win or lose. He has a good demeanor, and can think very well. When he talks about Carmel – You can tell he actually cares and loves the city. The city is lucky to have a human being like that.

Robert McIntyre

I have known Bobby since we were kids in Elementary school and I am fortunate to call him my friend. He is one of the most hardworking and honest people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. He is whole heartedly dedicated to the people and community of Carmel. You are lucky to have him.

Barbara Widder

Bobby is smart, level headed, listens and open to compromise. He is a very nice person and proactive rather than reactive.

Leslie Penley

I endorse Bobby because he has always seemed to be an honest man and cares a great deal about Carmel.

Allen Rowe

I have known Bobby for many years. I am proud to call him a friend. Bobby is a man of great integrity. His passion for doing the right thing in Carmel combined with his knowledge and integrity make him an ideal candidate. If I could vote in Carmel, Bobby would get my vote!!!

Steve Snider

I have known Bobby Richards since High School. He is a go getter who has passion for the citizens of Carmel. He has proven this over many years. Carmel is very lucky to have him on their side!

Mary Wright

Hi Bobby! You’ve got my vote – again!

Short Grandma who lives on Dolores